Thai movies are awesome and slowly conquering the hearts outside of their initial target audience. With highlights such as Ong Bak drawing international attention and bringing Thai movies on the global map. If you haven’t been able to learn the Thai language, then these Thai movies with English subtitles still give you the chance to enjoy the best of Thai cinema.

Ong Bak (Muay Thai Warrior)

Ong Bak
The chance you haven’t seen this movie yet is slim. The movie has been on the top spot of many best Thai movies lists. Tony Jaa stars as the main protagonists by kicking ass in a movie filled with awesome fight scenes and stunt work that rely on real skill instead of fake effects.

Ong Bak 2: The beginning

Has nothing to do with the first part and set back in 1431. This movie is pure action perfected in great and innovative fight scenes.

Krai Nai Hong (Who are you?)

Krai Nai Hong Thai Movie
A horror movie with a fantastic premise based on the Hikikomori syndrome, a real phenomenon of youths with social phobia who lock themselves up in their rooms. The main character, a single mom, has one of those kids and hasn’t seen her son for the last five years, only to communicate with him by talking through the door. A series of strange events then makes her wonder if it’s truly her son inside the room.


A boy is sent by his father to a boarding school and quickly gets bullied by his classmates. He then finds friendship with another boy who carries a secret with him. While this drama movie starts out with some light horror scenes, the real focus of the story is on the friendship between the boys. A wonderful sad story with good performances of the boys.

Tom Yam Kung (The protector)

The Thai title of this movie is also the name of a popular Thai soup, and is how Tony Jaa’s pet elephant is going to end up if he doesn’t stop the animal smuggling mafia. High impact action ensues.


An autistic girl has to fight waves of bad guys to get back the money that her mother needs for medication. Just a super fun martial arts movie with a girl who kicks ass.

Hello Stranger

A Thai movie that takes place in South Korea. When two Thai tourists meet by chance they spend their holiday together and form a friendship. It’s interesting to see the differences between Thai and Korean culture.

Bangkok traffic Love story

bangkok traffic
Thirty-year-old Mei Li never had a boyfriend before when she accidentally meets handsome engineer Lung. Besides being a fun romantic comedy, this movie provides a good insight in the Thai lifestyle and culture. With great performances of the entire cast.

Cemetery of splendor

This 2015 movie is made by director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, a man whose movies are made into art form. He is able to create a world that feels real and down to earth while blending it with the visual surreal and thought provoking imagery. The story is about a lady who volunteers to take care of a group of soldiers who are stricken with a strange sleep-sickness. She becomes especially fond of one of them and declares him to be her son. When the soldier takes possession of a telepath, he describes the world he sees while sleeping and how it reflects to what they see in the real world.

Beautiful Boxer

Thai Boxing
Based upon the true story of a transgender boxer, the story follows Parinya Charoenphol from his childhood, his days as a traveling monk, and eventually his life as a kickboxer. Trapped as a girl in man’s body, he trains and takes part in the brutal world of Thai kickboxing to fight his way to fortune in order to pay for his sexchange. Gripping, heartfelt, funny and with some great boxing scenes.

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