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Top 5 Thai language apps

Need to improve your Thai or just started learning the language? Here are the top 5 Thai language apps that will help you become a better Thai speaker. For beginners and advanced…


Crossing Borders from Thailand and where to go next

Thailand borders

Thailand is a great country, it really is and I love it, but sometimes I just want to get out of there and with Thailand being centered amongst four other countries with…


Top Thai movies with English subtitles

Thai Boxing

Thai movies are awesome and slowly conquering the hearts outside of their initial target audience. With highlights such as Ong Bak drawing international attention and bringing Thai movies on the global map.…


Itinerary: exploring Thai culture in 10 days

Disembarking a plane in Bangkok has you starting your journey in the hearth of Thailand. While conveniently located in the middle, it does raise the question where to go next. Is it…


Traditional Thai Music

The traditional music of Thailand has its origins from China and India and has historical influences from Persia, Indonesia, Greece and Africa. The music style started to flourish from the year 1350…


Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is a national sport of Thailand that involves punches, elbows, kicks and knees. In Thailand, the sport is immensely popular and boxing matches are regularly shown on Thai…


thai food

Tom Yam

Thai food: Don’t leave Thailand without tasting these meals! Bangkok is the place to be to overload yourself with so many culinair tastes you will have only scratched the surface of it…