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7 attractions to do in Bangkok

reclining buddha

Time is short, time is money. For those in a hurry and having no time time to spend, here is a quick overview of 7 attractions in Bangkok. The three temples Bangkok…


Best Free Attractions in Bangkok

Baan Silapin

Everybody loves free stuff and luckily Bangkok has enough to offer to those on a low budget. For this list we sought out the more authentic attractions and avoided the commercialized tourist…


Getting around Bangkok

Bangkok map

Navigating your way through Bangkok is a hussle if you’re new to town, with a maze like infrastructure and crowded roads. To get around, there are many public transportation options, from River…


Gluten Free Restaurants and cafes in Bangkok

Rasayana Retreat

The demand for gluten-free is getting higher in Thailand, and a handful of places are willing to provide the supply. Here are a few of those places, the glutenfree restaurants and cafes…


Bangkok Temples

Wat Phra Kaew

It is impossible to visit Bangkok and not see a single temple. The temples play an important factor in Thai culture and are therefore located in every small community and district of…


Top Bangkok Restaurants

Bangkok restaurant

Here is our personal Top Bangkok Restaurants list and they are some of the finest cuisine establishments in the capital city. For a full-course dinner for 2 expect to pay in the…


A Virtual tour through Lumpini Park

Lumpini park

Located at the heart of Bangkok, Lumpini park offers the perfect getaway for those seeking serenity and a dose of healthyness away from the busy and crowdy streets. Lumpini park is great…