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7 attractions to do in Bangkok

reclining buddha

Time is short, time is money. For those in a hurry and having no time time to spend, here is a quick overview of 7 attractions in Bangkok. The three temples Bangkok…


Top 10 Thonburi attractions

Chinese style temple

Many visitors will remain in the Bangkok center located on the east side of the Chao Phraya river. While some tourists wonder off to the West side of the river, they are…


Best Free Attractions in Bangkok

Baan Silapin

Everybody loves free stuff and luckily Bangkok has enough to offer to those on a low budget. For this list we sought out the more authentic attractions and avoided the commercialized tourist…


The must see Chiang Mai attractions

Doi Suthep

A visit to Thailand’s northern city is more than worth it. Here is our list of Must-See Chiang Mai attractions. Doi Suthep Perhaps the most famous attraction of the city Chiang Mai…