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International lectures, a vibrant culture, and Thai smiles, those are just some of the reasons to study in Thailand. Following a University program in Thailand is a life experience. There are thousands of international students in Bangkok every year, who want to combine their study with the exploration of a unique city and discovering the Thai culture. Before you pack your bags, you might want to find out what it is that you can expect.


The Forbes 2015 list of University rankings by country shows that Thailand has some of the best Universities in South-East Asia. Compared with the rest of the world however, Thailand still has some improvement to do. Internationally, Thai Universities don’t have a high reputation and are often considered of “lower standard”. If you plan to work outside of Thailand, the lower reputation might have an impact on your career.

Prepare all documents

Thai Universities are eager to accept your application and take your money, even if not all documents are prepared. It is then in Thailand, when you realize you might not have the right pre-education, don’t have all the right signatures and stamps for legalization of your certificates or filled in the wrong application form. You might hear already halfway into the program that they actually cannot accept your application. It is then up to you to get everything in order or lose your money. Before you go to Thailand, you have to make sure by yourself that you have everything to qualify for the application, because the University will tell you they accept you anyway even if they cannot.


Lecturers at international schools in Thailand are a mixed bag. The Universities draw them from all over the world and each of them brings his or her own culture and teaching style into the mix. Getting lessons from someone of a different culture can be interesting and will give you new insights into the world around you. The problem is that there is less of a teaching standard than what you’ll find at Universities in other countries. While most lecturers are good teachers, Thai Universities tend to hire many underqualified lecturers. No matter which international University you choose in Thailand, there will always be at least one teacher who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Luckily you often have a choice in which classes to take, so find out from fellow students which lecturer is good and choose wisely.


This is the fun part. Thai people are a nice and welcoming people who are proud of their country and are glad to show you the country they love. They are interested in other cultures too and it will be easy to make new friends with them. You will be accompanied by many other students from all over the world which will give you the chance to learn about other countries and build a global network of friends and potential business relations.


Thailand is widely known for being a great starting place for any Asian journey. During your study in Thailand, you will have a lot of opportunities to travel around Thailand and its neighbouring countries. A quick trip to Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam is easily arranged. Thailand itself has enough places to explore, from sandy beaches in the south to wavy hills in the north. Almost everywhere you go, you will see the trademarks of a lively Thai culture with Beautiful temples and colourful markets in almost every street. A daytrip from Bangkok will bring you to Hua Hin where you can enjoy the ocean, or take a daytrip to Kanchanaburi to spend some time at a waterfall in the forest. During the Summer semesters in April you will have the option to travel for an entire month.


While Thai Universities might not belong to the top universities in the world, you can still learn a lot from them. The Thai culture and international friends will teach you valuable life lessons that will stay with you. Combined with fantastic opportunities to travel around Asia, an international program in Thailand might just be what you need. For a list of international programs in Thailand, please visit

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