Lumpini park

Located at the heart of Bangkok, Lumpini park offers the perfect getaway for those seeking serenity and a dose of healthyness away from the busy and crowdy streets.

Lumpini park is great for sightseeing with several ponds, pavilions and artwork scattered around.

Some lovely designed sctructures.

The park is child friendly and lots of families bring their kids here.

In the middle of the park is a public library to train your brain.

Those seeking to train the body can join the fitness centre which is close to the main entrance. The centre also has an outdoor swimming pool and tennis court.

Or you can train for free at some of the many outdoor training spots.

The park is a popular location for jogging.

Every morning and evening hundreds of people gather to participate at the free aerobics sessions.

Say hello to the wildlife. A large population of monitor lizards and turtles have made the park their home.

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