laab moo
Laab Moo: A recipe for a classic dish from the north-eastern part of Thailand. A minced pork salad which is a bit spicy, sour, and a bit crunchy.

What you need: 250 gram minced pork, 7 shallots, 1-2 tea-spoon chillie powder, 3 leaves culantro, 2 limes, 3 table-spoons fish sauce, a few leaves of mint, 4 table-spoons Thai sticky-rice grain, 50 gram pork liver (optional) Instead of pork, you can also use minced chicken or fish. This dish is commonly served together with a few raw longbeans and cucumber.

What to do: First roast the sticky-rice grains in a pan without oil. As soon as the grains turn light brown (10-15 minutes) take the grain of the heat and let it cool down. Then blend the grain in a blender till it becomes a powder. The blended grains will give the pork salad a nice light crunchy texture.

Bake the minced pork in a new pan and while baking, grind the pork with a wooden spoon till it comes apart. Turn off the heat when it’s done. You can remove some of the oil from the pork if there is too much, but leave the meat inside the pan. Optionally you can chop the pork liver in small pieces and bake it together with the minced pork.

Cut the two limes in halves and squeeze them over the meat. Peel and chop the shallots in small pieces and cut the culantro in thin half an inch long slivers. Add it together with the chillie powder, sticky-rice grain powder, and the fish sauce to the meat pan.

Mix everything together. Place the mixture on a big plate and decorate it with the mint leaves on top of it. You can also place some longbeans and cucumbers next to it to complete the picture. Serve the Laab Moo together with rice.

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