A tropical Paradise tour along the islands and beaches of South Thailand. While Thailand is mostly a land of farms and cities, the country has a long stretched out piece of land stretching from Myanmar all the way to Malaysia. It is along this land where many tropical islands are located. This is our suggested schedule for a short trip that starts with a stay at the island Koh Samui and ends with a stay at the island Phuket.

Koh Samui is a large island on the east side of the Thai stretched out land. It is a cultural meltingpot that attracts thousands of visitors each day who want to get a quick get-away and enjoy some of the beaches of which there are many. The island offers a wide variety of budget to luxury accommodations with some of the more luxurious resorts having their own private beach. Some of the beaches are perfect for relaxing while others are party beaches.

To make your way to Koh Samui you can easily take a flight from Bangkok with flights departing throughout the entire day. It is also an option for a more adventurous thrill to take the overnight sleeping train from Hualamphong train station to Surat Thani, then take a bus to the ferry terminal and then take the ferry for a 2 hour trip to Koh Samui. The train, bus, ferry option is in most cases cheaper then the airplane option but obviously takes much longer. The train ride from Bangkok to Sura Thani takes over 10 hours.

Once in Koh Samui you can first rest for a while and explore the surroundings. There are several tours that the local tour guides offer. The most popular tours will take you around the island to visit the Mummified Monk, Grandma & Grandpa Rock, the 15-metre tall Buddha statue and the Na Muang Waterfall. The waterfall is at it’s best during the September till November months.

After 1 or 2 days of relaxing / partying you can travel back to the mainland by ferry and then continue to Khao Sok National Park by open bus. The national park contains the largest rainforest in Thailand and is home to a variety of wildlife. There are several bungalow resorts in the park and many offer a nice secluded experience. In the park you can head down to the river for a canoeing trip, watch the monkeys playing in the water, or go on a walk along the many trails and waterways. The park is a great place to stay for a night.

From there on you can make your way to Ao Nang. In this city next to the ocean you can participate in activities such as swimming, cave exploring, sea kayaking, diving, exploring the islands and rock climbing. Do some shopping and stay in the city for a night.

The next early morning take a bus to Phang Nga Town and from there continue to Phang Nga Bay. There you can take longtail boat tour that takes you out in the midst of this beautiful area full of spectacular limestone islands. Some tours offer the possibility to stay overnight in a tent on some of the small islands. You might also want to visit the fishing village of Koh Panyee. The small village is build on stilts in the centre of the beautiful limestone islands landscape. It is a fun experience to have your lunch there, enjoy the seafood end watch the scenery.

As the last part of the trip, take the take a longtail boat across Phang Nga Bay to Phuket Island – the largest island in Thailand. The main city of the island is usually busy and crowded during the high season, but the island also offers more secluded locations. Take a few days relaxing at he beaches, and when you are all chilled out, take a flight from the island back to Bangkok.


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