Maybe it’s just us, but fruit always tastes better and fruitier in Thailand. With an abundance of fruit available throughout the year the country is a heaven for fruit lovers. While fruits like coconuts, bananas and pineapple are all well known throughout the world, there are some exotic fruits growing in Thailand that are not that well known among people from other parts of the world.


Available from July to October, the lychee is covered in a red peel and the inside consists of translucent white sweet flesh.


When you visit Thailand around June you will see this popular fruit sold on almost every street corner. The bright red colors with the green spiky hair makes it hard to miss.


A lesser known sibling of the lychee and rambutan, the longan has a sweet, delicate flavour and grows in Northern Thailand in the Chang Mai area, especially between June and August. The skin is pierced by the finger and the delicious, juicy flesh revealed by squeezing it out of its shell using the thumb and forefinger.

Jack Fruit

Perhaps you already know this fruit when it’s already peeled and packed in the supermarkets. In Thailand you can see the fruit in its original form that is the size of a large melon and inside are the multiple yellow petals that have a distinctive taste and aroma.


The purple shell of this fruit is thick, but work your way through it and you will be rewarded with juicy and tasty segments. Be careful while peeling because the purple shells can leave some difficult to wash off purple stains.


This dangerous looking fruit is a bit of a weird one and hated by most tourists, but at the same time it has a loyal following among the Thai that somehow need to eat it at least once every Durian season. The outside of this heavy fruit is covered in big sharp spikes and already fends off most predators, but it is the inside that really fends off most people. The yellow slimy mushy insides have a strong foul stench, so strong that the fruit is banned from some public places such as hotels and airplanes. It is the most expensive fruit in Thailand too because it is only largely available during June till August. If you feel adventurous you might try the fruit and discover the sweet taste, and perhaps you will be one of those people who absolutely love it.

Dragon Fruit

Perhaps one of the most unearthly looking fruits. Its purple pink shell with the green scales certainly make it stand apart from other fruits. The insides are filled with white flesh and hundreds of small seeds.

Snake fruit

snake fruit
The name comes from the scaly pattern of the hard and brittle shell that covers this sweet and sour fruit. While they are a bit difficult to open, the tangy taste makes it worth the effort. In Thailand the fruit is called “Salak” and its season runs from late spring into summer.

Rose Apple

This pear shaped fruit is very refreshing to eat and has the texture of a very moist apple. Lightly sweet and excellent to clench your thirst. In Thailand it’s often eaten with a mixture of salt, sugar and chili. Thais call this Rose apple Chompoo and it can be bought mainly from December to February and again in April.

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