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Thailand immigration. Everything you need to know about traveling, studying and working in Thailand. Teaching English, getting around Bangkok, studying at the universities, crossing borders.


Crossing Borders from Thailand and where to go next

Thailand borders

Thailand is a great country, it really is and I love it, but sometimes I just want to get out of there and with Thailand being centered amongst four other countries with…


Getting around Bangkok

Bangkok map

Navigating your way through Bangkok is a hussle if you’re new to town, with a maze like infrastructure and crowded roads. To get around, there are many public transportation options, from River…


Study in Thailand

International lectures, a vibrant culture, and Thai smiles, those are just some of the reasons to study in Thailand. Following a University program in Thailand is a life experience. There are thousands…


Teaching English in Thailand

It is not unusual for tourists to fall in love with Thailand and expand their 1 week trip to a few years. Those that do are either rich enough to lazy around,…