Chiang Mai Canyon
There is an area in Hang Dong district of Chiang Mai that is nicknamed by the locals as “Grand Canyon Hang Dong”. The water surrounded by steep red cliffs do give it sorta a “mini Grand Canyon” vibe. The place is actualy an old quarry where a lot of ground has been dug up. The quarry is now filled with water which has made the place a popular swimming spot.

The place has been used for swimming by the locals for a while and it was possible to swim there for free, but now tourists have gotten the word about the place and since then the locals have build a fence, a restaurant and a 50 THB entrance fee. Because of the unique setting to swim in, we think the price is worth it.

Daredevils can jump off the steep cliffs.

Grand Canyon Hang Dong is west of Hang Dong town center and you will need your own transportation to get there. There is not much parking space so it might be better to go by motorbike.

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