These hotels are totally crazy but in a good way. They take an unusuall approach to the design of their hotel and turn it into pure art.

Phutara Resort Ranong

Whoever came up with the idea to turn a house upside down is a genius. It sure does make for some great photo opportunities. Inside the house you will see furniture stuck to the ceiling to make it appear that you walk upside down. The upside down house is the craziest house of the resort and they have only one, but the other houses are kinda funny too, such as the barrel house. Prices and room details >>

DNA Resort & Spa Khao Yai

The design of this hotel is not only crazy, it’s also beautiful and awesome. Not sure what it’s supposed to be, but it looks great. At night this place looks even better. Prices and room details >>

Suan Peung Resort

Based on the Flintstones this hotel has a Fred House, a Barney House, a Wilma house, a Betty House, and many other crazy houses. They even have a Dino House. Prices and room details >>

Ban Phasawan

If you ever wanted to sleep inside a durian, then now you can at this fruit hotel. There are also pineapple, melon and dragon fruit rooms if those are more your taste. The hotel is in Kanchanaburi in the middle of nowhere so you need your own transportation to get there.

Red Rose Hotel

There are a few theme hotels in Thailand but this one might be the weirdest. The rooms of this hotel all have a different theme and some are really crazy. There is the Star Wars room and the jungle room but the room that we think is really weird is the boxing ring room. Prices and room details >>

Bangkok Tree House

The theme for this hotel is open nature and that is meant to be taken literally as some of the rooms lack ceilings and walls. You cannot spend a night closer to nature than that. They have a room 23 feet up in the air and during the night the sky will be your ceiling. To make things even crazier, they also have a “room” on the water which is basically just a floating bed on the water. Don’t roll over too much or you will end up in the river. Prices and room details >>


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