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Itinerary: Southern Thailand

A tropical Paradise tour along the islands and beaches of South Thailand. While Thailand is mostly a land of farms and cities, the country has a long stretched out piece of land…


Temple in the sky: Wat Phra Bat Pupha Daeng

pupha daeng

Seen already from far away Wat Phra Bat Pupha Daeng looks like something out of a fairy tale with the many bright white stupphas decorating the mountain. The temple complex lays about…


7 attractions to do in Bangkok

reclining buddha

Time is short, time is money. For those in a hurry and having no time time to spend, here is a quick overview of 7 attractions in Bangkok. The three temples Bangkok…


Top 5 Thai language apps

Need to improve your Thai or just started learning the language? Here are the top 5 Thai language apps that will help you become a better Thai speaker. For beginners and advanced…


Top 10 Thonburi attractions

Chinese style temple

Many visitors will remain in the Bangkok center located on the east side of the Chao Phraya river. While some tourists wonder off to the West side of the river, they are…


Samut Songkhram: Mae Klong railway and floating market

amphawa floating market

For a short trip away from the busy Bangkok lifestyle you don’t need to travel far. Mostly overlooked by mass-tourism, the Samut Songkhram region just south-west of Bangkok offers tranquility and a…


Why traveling makes you an asshole


Most blogs and websites will tell you that traveling makes you a better person. Just look up a few of them and you’re bound to run into an article with a list…